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Whether you’re looking to expand your fine jewelry collection or find a unique gift, I’ll work with you one-on-one, determining your exact needs, lifestyle, aesthetic and budget. As an experienced jewelry stylist, I’m skilled at sourcing and curating designs, keeping specific items in mind for specific clients. I rarely select the same item for multiple individuals. After all, jewelry is as unique as you are.



Always Unique

Our assortment is constantly evolving in order to bring clients the very best of what’s available—whether that’s an untraditional necklace that no one else has or a trendy, new ring.

Private Events

I offer a limited number of trunk shows. If you’re interested in an exclusive and personalized amarx collection trunk show, please send me a note.



Allison has exquisite taste -- everything she finds and wears I want for myself! She takes the time to understand what her client likes and finds exactly what they’re looking for. I hadn’t worn earrings for years and she’s successfully found me multiple pairs that I love. I’m grateful to her for getting me excited about jewelry again! — Nicole
Allison's jewelry speaks for itself; it's always fashionable and chic. What makes her services so unique is the way that she curates a jewelry collection aligned with your personal aesthetic. Allison's innate sense of style, trustworthy nature, expertise and vision makes working with her an absolute no-brainer. — Jaime
I love working with amarx collection! Allison has an innate sense of style and a beautiful collection of curated jewelry and designs. She knows what jewelry looks good on me and chooses personalized pieces that compliment my personal style. Amarx collection is helping me build a personalized collection that is unique and timeless! — Dena
My husband claims to be allergic to retail stores and thanks to Allison he has been giving me beautiful gifts for the past seven years without setting foot in a shop. Sometimes my gift is a piece of jewelry I never would have picked out myself, but it quickly becomes something I want to wear as often as I can. Allison always has the best selection of items that never fail to enhance my wardrobe. — Anonymous