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Have jewelry that’s valuable or meaningful to you, but that you rarely, if ever, wear? I’ll work closely with you to thoughtfully transform your pieces into items you’ll want to wear—modifying an heirloom to make it more current, altering a gift from a former love interest or turning an antiquated piece into a more fashionable one. I’ll take your most treasured and significant jewelry and reinvent it to create new pieces that reflect your personal style.


Step 1: Purge

Open your jewelry box and take a trip down memory lane. Collect the items you don’t think you’ll wear again in their current state but possess sentimental or monetary value. Go on to Step 2.

Step 2: Photograph

Lay out your jewelry individually and snap photos from different angles, turning the item on its front, back and sides. The more pics the better! Save them to your phone or computer (you’ll need them for the next step).

Step 3: Submit Form

Scroll down on this page and answer the questions as specifically as possible. It’s quick and easy. And, don’t worry about commitment. I’ll be in touch with next steps to discuss and present options for your dream piece!




I brought Allison a few articles of jewelry that I never wore and she redesigned them and turned them into pieces that I love and can wear every day.  One of the items was especially sentimental and Allison was able to perfectly incorporate the original design into the new piece. I’m beyond thrilled with the result!  — Robyn
My grandma and I are extremely close and for major life occasions she’ll gift me a piece of her personal jewelry.  Although these heirlooms automatically become priceless parts of my collection they don't often leave their boxes.  That was until I found Allison.  Allison has a refined and tasteful eye, and has taken my beloved antiques and modernized them to better suit my lifestyle and personal preferences while still honoring their unique story. Now, there is nothing I enjoy more than when I wear them and get to show my grandma. — Samantha